Mission Possible Family History Youth Activity

4/27/2016 12:34:00 PM

I was recently trying to come up with ideas for a church youth group activity I would be presenting on family history and I found a link to a fabulous idea - MISSION POSSIBLE Youth Activity. The idea was that each youth would be given a packet of "missions" to accomplish. Each mission would provide clear step by step instructions for accomplishing it and when they did so they would take it to a leader to get it passed off and receive a treat. It's a fantastic idea and it worked great for our youth!

I decided to design my own invitations for this event and printed them out on card stock; the manila envelope on one side and invitation information on the other and then cut, folded along the manila envelope lines, sealed with a sticker, and delivered.

I decided to make some modifications to some of the missions as well. I did not to do the Pioneer Ancestor challenge or the Landscape Tree Challenge. Instead I created two of my own challenges, an Ancestry.com challenge and a Google Search challenge. And since I wanted the youth packets and signs to look cohesive I redesigned all of them.  I assembled each youth packet with binder clips. On each mission page is a check box in the upper right corner for leaders to mark when a youth has passed off the mission. One leader is in charge of each mission and can be seated with sign visible, or wear their sign around their neck/carry it, if they are assisting the youth with their challenges. The youth then go to each leader to get each different mission passed off.

Below are free pdf files of the packets and leader signs I designed if you want to use this idea in your own church group.